Tuesday 9 May

Triple S News

  1. What does Ryder & Paw Patrol, Ash & Pokemon, and God & King David all have in common?
  2. They each asked for help in their day-to-day lives and got it. David asked for victory in Psalm 20, and his prayers were answered.

This week, the children at Triple S learned about the Psalm 20 and the songs of praise King David sang. They learnt that no matter how humble, how strong, how difficult, how young or how old we are, we can always ask God for help that someone will come to our aid. We played a matching game and talked about those in the community who help us in our lives, and ways we can rejoice like David and give thanks.

The children asked God for warm sunshine in their lives, for strong healthy bodies, for safe loving parents at home, kind friends at school, pets who behave, and for toys and activities to keep them entertained and busy. And they joined in “Thank you God”.

These photos illustrate some of this learning.