Sunday School


Children begin our 10am Sunday morning service with their parents and church family in the “big church.”  The beginning third of the service is designed with all ages in mind, striving to incorporate the needs of babies through to our senior citizens.  After a children’s message, the children and youth go to their age-appropriate classes.

Most of our lessons are taught by congregation members using the Workshop Rotation Model curriculum designated by our Children’s Ministry Coordinator.  This model capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and different abilities to bring the Bible to life.  We learn through cooking, computer, drama, art, games and much more!  For more information on WRM visit:

While we strive to help children become familiar with the Bible and learn Christian Values, our most important aim is to assist children in getting to know God in a real and personal way.  At the centre of our ministry is the God who created us and loved us enough to send His Son, Jesus, so that we might be a part of God’s family forever.  We can do this with the help of the Holy Spirit.


Somervell Sunday School (Triple S) is designed for primary school-aged children years zero through year six.  Preschoolers attend our program at their parents’ discretion and are accompanied by an adult until they feel comfortable joining the group without individual assistance.

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